About us


Emcon was started by Bent Kold Larsen in 1967 and was thus initially called Kold Larsen A/S, which it remained for many years. This was a solid, employee-owned company that developed gradually in time along with its reputation.


In 1993, we changed our name to Emcon. Over the next few years we numbered 5-7 employees, but we have now reached staff figures of about 25 personnel, the level we are today. This size suits us well, both in regards to working with our customers and our internal cooperation.


We work consciously towards retaining the special Emcon spirit, which includes focusing more on quality than quantity. This is illustrated clearly by the fact that on average, our staff have been here for about 10 years – so far.



In 2015, Jeppe Blak-Lunddahl took over the position of CEO at Emcon from Niels Anker Jørgensen, who is now active chairman of the board of directors and director of Emcon.

We look forward to writing more stories in collaboration with our customers