Tora Fridell (eng)

Tora Fridell
Co-owner, in Law. – Masters Degree in Mediation and Conciliation 

Mobile +45 2366 4886

Tora’s work for Emcon includes project management, specialising in contracts, tenders, conciliation and mediation. Tora has particularly great insight into managing all the factors and relationships between the parties in a building project as a whole, including in particular her solid body of experience with contractors working in the public sector. Tora works holistically and concentrates on the process and result by focusing on time management and a project’s economy.


Toras’s free time is occupied with her network of family and friends in both Denmark and Sweden. When time allows, she relaxes with some knitting or a book on the sofa, if the garden or her house in Vanløse don’t need her attention.
Tora is often the primary engine behind some of Emcon’s many activities that exist for all its staff.