Samfundsansvar (eng)

With success comes responsibility

As a medium-sized business we know that we have a responsibility not only towards our staff and our customers, but also to society in general. It is a responsibility that we take very seriously.


Emcon and responsible construction

As a member of the Danish Association for Responsible Construction (Foreningen for Byggeriets Samfundsansvar) Emcon accepts the responsibilities that come with being a consultancy business in the property, building and construction industry. 

Emcon works according to the charter’s fundamental principles by:


• Contributing towards a responsible property, building and construction industry

• Strengthening our relationships with stakeholders and society around us

• Acting in a businesslike, professional and responsible manner.


In practice, these fundamental principles are pursued in three core areas:

Our working life – Emcon is a workplace that offers challenges and development, camaraderie and diversity, and an enjoyable and healthy working environment. We insist on it being fun to go to work.

Our customers and projects – We realise our customers’ ambitions by making their projects tangible and bringing them to life. We supply the very best advice on ensuring transparency, equal treatment and decent working conditions on building sites, and the projects become a platform for dialogue and training for all parties involved.

Our surroundings The significance of our advice goes beyond the individual customer and the individual project. It is our ambition to create sustainable projects, which promote life and diversity.