Louise Nordtorp

Louise has extensive experience in coordinating and planning construction projects, including quality management of large complex infrastructure projects. One of Louise’s main objectives is assuring quality as an integrated process in connection with the design, planning and the execution phases thereby ensuring value for all parties involved in the process, the client, the consultants, as well as the contractors.

Louise is also a trained lead auditor and performs audits based on the premise that together we identify the weakest links and jointly make the chain stronger. Louise likes to take the lead when it comes to making a difference and ensures that everyone else joins the journey.

Additionally, experience from large complex projects has given Louise a great understanding and competences in relation to stakeholder management, communication and coordination of interfaces between multiple parties.

Privately, Louise enjoys time with family and friends – preferably at the summerhouse in Sweden. Louise loves to travel and is always curious to lean about new places and meet people from all over the world.